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FIELD system is an open platform intended for the manufacturing industry. It is specifically designed to allow continuous improvements to productivity and efficiency. Software developers freely develop and sell both applications and converters using this system. FIELD system makes it possible to collect and collate data from various factory machines regardless of the models or manufacturers. In addition, the combination of artificial intelligence and edge computing technology brings distributed machine learning into reality. 

By processing, analyzing, and controlling the prodigious amount of data that is collected from factory machines (Edge Heavy), FIELD system contributes to building an innovative manufacturing operation. FIELD system helps to optimize factory operations including production lines, real-time machine learning and connectivity between machines as well as digitalization and automation of manufacturing skills of experienced workers. With the FIELD system, applications retrieve information from machines such as CNC, PLC, sensors and robots even if they are developed and manufactured by different companies. The FIELD system also enables the machines to combine and communicate with a host system.

FIELD systemとは

FIELD systemは、製造業での更なる生産性向上と効率化を目指した、製造業向けオープンプラットフォームです。
また、FIELD system のアプリケーションやコンバータにより、他社の CNC、PLC、センサ、ロボットの情報を収集したり、上位システムとも容易に結合や融合が可能です。

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