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About FIELD Partner


Q. What can I do when I become a FIELD Partner?

A. You can download specification and technical data of FIELD system and Software Development Kit (SDK). FIELD Partners are able to attend seminars for developers and search other FIELD Partners on Partners Web.


Q. Is the Partner registration free?

A. Yes, it is free.


Q. How do I sign up for a FIELD Partner?

A. Please sign up for the membership from "How to Become a Partner" on FIELD system Partners Web or contact FANUC sales representative.


Q. I have not received an email to complete my registration.

A. Please check the followings.

  • - Please make sure that the email address you registered is correct.
  • - We will send you an email to confirm your registration from fieldsystem.info@field-system.org. Please confirm the settings of the registered email address to make sure that it may not reject the message.
  • - Check your spam or junk mail folders as our email messages could have been filtered here.
  • - Please contact FIELD system Office from "Contact Us" if you do not receive an email from us even though you have a valid email address registered and no specific email settings to block our emails, or you do not find our emails in your spam or junk folders.


Q. I cannot log in.

A. Please check the followings.

  • - You cannot log in until you complete your registration by accessing the link URL.
  • - Make sure that your email address and password (case sensitive) are correct.
  • - Delete cookies on your browser
  • - You will be locked out after a certain number of invalid password attempts. Please contact FIELD system Office from "Contact Us" for assistance.


Q. I forgot my password, what should I do?

A. Click "Reset Password" from "Forgot Password". You will receive an email with a link URL to a page where you can reset your password.
If you forgot your secret question and cannot reset your password, please contact us from "Contact Us".


Q. I forgot my email address, what should I do?

A. Please sign up for FIELD Partner again. We are sorry for your inconvenience.


Q. Can I change my password?

A. Yes, you can change it from "Confirmation / Update of Registered Information" in "My Page".


Q. Can I change my registered email address?

A. Yes, you can change it from "Confirmation / Update of Registered Information" in "My Page".


Q. How do I cancel my partner account?

A. You can request to have your account deleted from "Confirmation / Update of Registered Information" in "My Page".

About downloading


Q. How do I download the technical data?

A. Please request for downloading by clicking "Download" after using keyword search or category selection. The requested technical data is displayed in "Download Application History" in "My Page" and you can download the data by clicking "Download". Please note that you need to download the data within 48 hours. Request of download exceeding 48 hours will be invalid and you will need to apply download again as "Download" changes to "Re-Download".



Q. What is the recommended browser to use this website?

A. PC: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above, the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Smartphone: Safari in iPhone and Google Chrome in Nexus 5. We do not support tablets at the moment.


Q. I cannot find the answer to my question by reading "Frequently Asked Questions". How can I contact you?

A. Please send us your inquiry from "Contact Us".