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FIELD system Overview


FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive, or FIELD system, is an open IoT platform that you can use to collect, analyze, share and act upon data from any network enabled device or system. Not just FANUC devices and systems; practically any Ethernet capable device or system!

FIELD system has a unique “edge heavy” concept, meaning FIELD system operates on-premise (within your facility) near the edge of the network. Data collected by FIELD is stored within your factory / company and is acted upon by FIELD Apps running locally on the FIELD system BOX.  This edge heavy approach eliminates the overhead and cost of sending substantial amounts of device data to a cloud service for processing.  It also allows for much more responsive applications as well as protection against internet outages.  Don’t worry though, it is possible to share data from FIELD system with other locations such as data warehouses or the cloud if needed.


While FIELD system operates on-premise, an internet connection is still required to connect each FIELD system BOX with the FIELD system Manager in the cloud.  The FIELD system Manager is used for application installation, application license management, distribution of software updates and user management functions.



As a FIELD system user, you will gain access to the FIELD system store, where you will find a variety of applications that can leverage data collected from your machines, sensors, devices and systems to improve critical elements of your business operations - productivity, machine utilization, product quality, energy usage, inventory turns, part traceability and more.


And since FIELD is an open IoT platform, if you don’t find the application you are looking for, you can work with one of our FIELD Application Developer Partners to create a custom FIELD App that suits your specific needs, or you could download the FIELD Studio (the Software Developers Kit for FIELD Applications) to create a private FIELD App just for your company.


If you need a platform for a Deep Learning application, FIELD system is the right choice.  FIELD system supports AI including Deep Learning to analyze data acquired from edge equipment.  As an example, you can use Deep Learning to automatically find features from data using a neural network of three or more layers.