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How to Become a Partner

Who Are FIELD system Partners?

FIELD system Partners


We are looking for FIELD system Partners that can integrate FANUC products, introduce, sell, install, and maintain FANUC FIELD system hardware and software, and develop useful FIELD Apps and Converters for edge devices.


Once registered as a FIELD system Partner, you will be able to create a Partner profile highlighting your company’s capabilities and services. Your company will be listed as a FIELD system Partner on our public facing FIELD system website. You will gain access to FIELD system manuals and specifications. You will have the opportunity to attend exclusive FIELD system technical seminars.


Application Developer Partners will be able to download the FIELD Studio (Software Development Kit for Apps and Converters).


Partners are encouraged to collaborate with one another based on their individual capabilities and areas of expertise to deliver IoT solutions built on FIELD system for end user companies.


All registered FIELD system Partners will be listed on our public facing FIELD system website according to the services they offer.  Partners can be registered in one or more of the following categories:


Total Integration Partner

-   Companies that can integrate FANUC products (Robots, CNC or ROBOMACHINEs) with the additional capabilities of a Network Integration Partner as defined below.

FA Integration Partner

Companies that can support integration of FANUC FA products.


Robot Integration Partner

-  Companies that can support integration of FANUC Robot products.

ROBOMACHINE Integration Partner

-  Companies that can support integration of FANUC ROBOMACHINE products.

Network Integration Partner

-   Companies that can connect and configure the FIELD system for use with automation equipment and / or offer networking products and services.

Application Developer Partner

-   Companies that can develop FIELD system Applications for sale in the FIELD system Store.

Device Partner

-   Manufacturers of devices (PLC, sensors, etc.) that can communicate data to the FIELD system server over the network using OPC-UA, MTConnect or a Custom Converter.

 How to Become FIELD system Partner

There is no sign-up fee or membership fee to become a FIELD system Partner. You may register to join the FIELD system Partner Association by:


-  Signing up on FIELD system Partners website.

-  Contacting a FANUC sales representative.

Register for an account on the FIELD system Partners website

1.  Visit the FIELD system Partners website home page and click the New Member Registration button.

2.  Fill in the required information in the Partner Registration form.

3.  You will be registered as FIELD system partner after FANUC reviews your partner application. Note, your request may be declined as part of the review process.

4.   Once you're registered as a FIELD system partner, the FIELD system Office will send an email to your registered email address.

5.   Access the URL in the email message to complete the registration process.

Contact FANUC sales representatives

Please contact a FANUC sales representative or the FIELD system Office.