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Partner Registration

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Terms of Use




  1. 1.     NAME

The name of the Association is the “The FIELD system Partners Association”.

Note 1) “FIELD system” and “FIELD” are registered trademarks of FANUC Corporation (“FANUC”).


  1. 2.     DEFINITIONS

The definitions of the FIELD system and the FIELD system Integrated Network are as follows:

     FIELD system:

        Platform software provided by FANUC under the following name:

“FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive system”.

     FIELD system Integrated Network:

Collective term for devices such as industrial machinery including CNC, robotics, machine tools, peripheral devices and sensors integrated by the FIELD system; the network therefor; mutual networks with the FIELD system; and networks between the FIELD system and upper level networks.


  1. 3.     OBJECTIVES

The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the interests among the members (referring to those who meet the requirements set forth under item 4 below) through interactions between FANUC and the members, as well as the expansion of the FIELD system Integrated Network.



The requirements to be admitted as a member of the Association shall be as follows:     

a)    Having a legal personality;

b)    Having approved the purposes set forth in item 3 above; and

c)     Having submitted an application form to FANUC in the form prescribed by FANUC, and FANUC having approved such application.


No admission fee or annual fee is required in order to become or remain as a member.



Members have the following rights with respect to the FIELD system:

a)    The right to access the members’ website provided by FANUC;

b)    The right to develop and apply for registration of apps and device interface software that work on the FIELD system, as well as the usage right which FANUC determines as being necessary for such development and application, as follows:

・   FANUC’s technical information and software, such as a software development kit (SDK); and

・   Test sites provided by FANUC.

c)     The right to use the name and logo of “FIELD system Partner.”

Note 2) It is necessary for apps and device interface software to be reviewed and approved by FANUC prior to their registration.  Other terms and conditions separately prescribed by FANUC shall apply in relation to the details of the review for registration and sale, etc. of the apps and device interface software.



Members may withdraw from the membership at any time by submitting a notice of withdrawal to FANUC, stating the reason for such withdrawal.

FANUC may cancel a member’s membership at any time, if FANUC determines that there is a possibility that the operations of the FIELD system Integrated Network may be disturbed, including, without limitation, in the case of a breach of these Rules by such member.

FUNAC may also terminate the Association under certain circumstances, and FANUC shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to provide compensation for damage incurred by members in relation thereto.



a)    In accordance with the Privacy Policy and other rules separately set forth by FANUC, FANUC will only use the information (including personal information) collected from members pursuant to these Rules for the purpose of improving and operating the FIELD system Integrated Network and for no other purposes.

b)    In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as other applicable laws and regulations, the members will only use the information (including personal information of members) made available to them from the Association for the purpose of improving and operating the FIELD system Integrated Network and for no other purposes.



The contents of the terms and conditions separately set forth by FANUC shall apply to matters such as: (i) the purchase, sale and use of the FIELD system; (ii) the development and sale of apps and device interface software; and (iii) the details of the terms of use, etc. of the name and logo for “FIELD system Partner.”


  1. 9.     LIABILITY

Members shall exercise their rights as a member under these Rules at their own responsibility, and shall be responsible for any and all acts conducted as well as any and all results thereof; and FANUC shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in relation thereto.



These rules may be revised as FANUC deems necessary.  In the case of any such revision, the contents thereof shall be notified to members in a method designated by FANUC.



If any condition, term or provision of these Rules is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the effectiveness and operation of any of the remaining conditions, terms or provisions, and such invalid or unenforceable condition, term or provision shall be considered to be severable from these Rules.



These Rules shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. 



The Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed-upon court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes arising out of or relating to these Rules.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, FANUC may seek procedures to claim provisional disposition or any urgent legal protection of the same or similar kind, in any jurisdiction.

Agreement on Personal Information

If personal information is included in the information entered, it is assumed that you have agreed to take all necessary procedures (including but not limited to obtaining consent from the person himself / herself) in relation to the handling of such personal information by the company and the companies mentioned above. In addition, if you experience any damage, expenses or loss (including sanction due to violation of the act) due to the handling of the personal information entered by your company, in this case, to FANUC Co., Ltd., its affiliated companies and the FIELD system partner, it is assumed that you are responsible for, and agree to indemnify us.

You can not proceed to the next step unless you agree to the Terms of Use.